Located in Aberdeenshire (Grampian)
NJ 716058 13 miles West of Aberdeen,
just North of the B9119.  It is a private farm
and you should ask permission to enter.

The Ring is Circular and is just a shade over 25
meters wide. Placed at the crest of a hill,  it
it commands the view in all directions.  It is
Much smaller than Stonehenge, Avebury and
Calanais, but it think it one of the most
enchanting rings.  Due to it private location,
the site is mostly unspoilt, and there is an
soothing air and mystery about the lay.  One
is forced to approach it from the farm, moving
across land that is often muddy in wet weather,
so I advice a set of  oiled ratcathers or go
during a dry spell!! 


11 Stones of Red granite, it is enclosed by a wooden
fence that is tree lines.  The recumbant stone has
fallen outwards so that the resting base of the stone
is exposed for your to see. Cupmarks are
easy to see on the recumbant.  Unless the stone
was turned, the cupmarks would have faced to the
inside of the circle.  There are 28 well-formed cupmarks
on the lovely recumbant, which is fairly smooth  It was
aligned towards the minimum full MidSummer's Moon
at 230 degrees. 

The Flankers almost seem to stand guard over the
fallen recumbant.


Cremations were discovered in the central ring cairn.
There the stones were 'reddened' from fire, and
deposited of burnt bones and charcoal were found.

Some of the stones show signs of having been re-erected,
despite protests through the years that they have not
be changed.

DeborahAnne MacGillivray
31st March 2002
All Rights Reserved

this set may NOT be used without
written permission


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