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Very often you will suddenly notice WORD™becomes very sluggish. Since to a writer WORD™ is the lifeline to creating your manuscripts this is not something you should put up with. Especially when there is a simply solution. WORD™ Repair. Itís an option on the WORD™ you might not be familiar with. WORD™ comes with itís own Repair Kit already built in for these emergencies. Better to learn it now than wait till when you get into the middle of a deadline crunch and have WORD™ pull a tissy fit!

Before you start>>

1) Close all documents
2) Close All Windows you have open
3) Open WORD™
4) have you Microsoft™ WORKS™ or
Microsoft™ OFFICE™ CD/DVD ready because you will need it

First where to find it!!

Screenshot 1

Open WORD™Ö.at the top of the Tool Bar is HELP.
Click on Help. In the drop down menu is the option
Click on that and Start the process.

Screenshot 2

This is the process in action. Notice the option of discarding customized settings and restoring default settings. If you have a default template such as fonts, margins, line count for formatting this will be reset and any additions options. Such as I used this little guy as my office assistant instead of the Paperclip Guy. This will have to be reset, too. Unless there is something major going on, I do not select this option. Leave everything as you have it.

Office Assistant

Process in Actions>>>


Screenshot 3

Here it is gathering the information about your settings etc.

Request for CD/DVD >>>

Screenshot 4

After it gathers the information it starts the repair process. At this point, it will ask for your CD ROM/ DVD so it can access installation files. Insert this disk into the Drive and click OK.
The process will continue

Screenshot 5

Ta Da!!! All done.
Now isnít that painless!!
Suddenly WORD™ is back to being a good little program.

Happy Writing!

© DeborahAnne MacGillivray
Original Tutorial may not be used
Without Written Permission



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