On Writing ~ Page Formatting for Books 



Step 1:
Open WORD On FILE> use the drop down menu to
Go to PAGE SETup

Screenshot 1

Step 2:
Setting Margins Just make your margins to match this will give you 1" margins all around
(double check with your printer, I have mine set at top 0.9" and bottom at 0.8" because of my printer)
Then Click DEFAULT. This will make it so every time you open WORD, every document will automatically open in this fashion

Screenshot 2

Step 3:
Formatting the Header
Notice I have the header on 0.1" (depending on the printer you may need to set this to 0.2")
the footer should be set to 0"
Again click DEFAULT

Screenshot 3

Step 4:
Removing default printer borders Your printer has a default border setting that can throw off your margins all the way around
Click on PAGE BORDER tab click it so it shows NO BORDERS as the option Then click OK

Screenshot 4

Step 5:
Now click FORMAT

Screenshot 5

Step 6:
Setting number of line per page
Set LINE SPACING - using drop down menu to
EXACTLY AT: set at 25
this will give you 25 lines per page Click OK

Screenshot 6

Step 7:
Line and page Breaks click on the Line and Page Breaks tab
UNCHECK all the little boxes. This stops the rogue Widows/Orphans from making your pages short

Screenshot 7

Step 8:
Setting Header
Click VIEW
Then click Header/Footer

Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9

you can use the First Page icon to INSERT a number in the header.
Please NOTE: The number is insert to the LEFT - you will have to use the space bar to move it to the right
If you are wanting to start a single chapter but with a number not 1
Click the Third Page ICON
then down at the box START AT: put in the number you wish to start that chapter with.

Screenshot 10

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