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***** Five-stars. A brilliantly sensual hauntingly beautiful debut!  May 3, 2006                     



Reviewer:  Dawn Thompson, author of  The Ravencliff Bride, The Waterlord and The Falcon's Bride


        You will be enthralled from the moment Norman knight, Julian Challon, the Black Dragon, parts the mists of Glen Shane and comes to Glenrogha to claim his lady, Tamlyn MacShane, and the land awarded him by the conquering king, Edward Longshanks.


It is the year 1296.  Julian, a seasoned warrior, wants nothing more than home and hearth, a wife and strong sons now, after years of warring.  In anticipation of these things, he comes fresh from bloody battles, bearing deep painful burdens of personal loss too terrible to share.  Expecting to deal with men while taking his new holding awarded him by the Crown, he finds instead that three spirited MacShane sisters hold sway over Glenrogha, strong-willed Tamlyn, the youngest of which, is slated to become his bride.


Pagan beauty Tamlyn MacShane is aware of the Black Dragon's coming.  Gifted with the mysterious otherworldly kenning of the fey, she is forewarned with dreams and sensory knowledge.  Even though ghost-gray mists shield the ancient passes of Glen Shane, Tamlyn knows the dragon will come, and that his coming will change her safe little comfortable world forever.


At first, when set upon by Challon's men and rescued by the Dragon himself, Tamlyn chooses not to tell him her true identity.  As the story unfolds, their volatile mutual attraction blossoms into a love bound by destiny despite treachery, betrayal, and strong differences that threaten to keep them apart in a land on the brink of chaos at the mercy of Longshanks.


A RESTLESS KNIGHT is a virtual feast for the senses.  Ms. MacGillivray weaves history through this breathtakingly sensuous tale like gold threads in a tapestry, with a true mastery that can only come from her heritage.  You will be there with these unforgettable characters from the moment the mists part, and they will stay with you long after you consign the book to your keeper shelf.  It's been a long time since I 've read a real historical romance.  This is one I cannot recommend highly enough by a multi-talented star on the rise who promises more of the same.  I can't wait!

  Author: Deborah MacGillivray
Title - A Restless Knight (July 6, 2006)

****** 5 STARS!

Setting begins in the Scotland Highlands, the year 1296.  The Sacred Mists is a warding set long ago by the Daughter of Anne, to ward the Glen Shane.  The mists kept the passes hidden by a fog so none could see the entrance ... until now. 

As revenge upon the Sisters MacShane for scorning his matchmaking efforts for nearly a decade, King Edward sent them dragons for husbands.  Julian, Earl of Challon, is known as the Black Dragon.  He has been the king's champion for far too long.  He and his two brothers, Sir Guillaume and Sir Simon, have tired of war.  Edward's insatiable greed and uncontrollable rages have grown stale.  The three Dragons of Challon want only to settle down and have families.  Sir Julian is to wed Tamlyn MacShane and seize control of the domain known as Glenrogha.  This is a task much easier said than done.  Tamlyn has good reason to hate Edward and wants nothing to do with the Norman's king.  Yet for the sake of her clan, Tamlyn must surrender without a fight.  Julian must convince the Scottish wildcat that she would still be the lady of Glenrogha, even though she would no longer be the top person.  The Black Dragon would be the true leader, but he would act as a buffer between King Edward and her people. 

Tamlyn is the youngest of the sisters and has the blood of the Sidhe within her.  She has the gift of sight, of the Kenning.  With a touch she knows of the bloody horrors Julian has witnessed and the brother he lost at Berwick.  The last thing Tamlyn wants is to see the horrors of Berwick being committed within Glenrogha.  With the aid of the Three Wise Ones of the Wood, her Sidhe gift, and her own black dragon, Tamlyn is charged with the task of keeping her people safe. 

But neither the dragon, nor the wildcat, expected to find their soulmates! 

***** This terrific Highland tale, with a pinch of Fae magick, captured my attention from the very first page.  I was told long ago that an author should write what s/he knows.  This way the author can better express the intensity of the characters, the places, and will write the little things known only to those who has experienced them.  Author Deborah MacGillivray does this with a style and grace befitting the noble Knights and Clans of Yore.  I could see the characters so vividly in my mind that they almost seemed real.  The author seemed to breathe life into her characters!  For those of you who do not care of Scottish Historical Romances, take a second look at this one.  I usually avoid Highland romances, but was told to read it anyway.  I am glad I did.  I all but inhaled this novel!  Highly recommended reading!  *****



(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)




  Rating: 5 Cups

Tamlyn MacShane is a woman with her blood and soul touched by the Sidhe, the powers enabling her to run her keep, Glenrogha, in the ancient traditions passed down through the ages. As one of three sisters, she is the first and most affected by the times of change set to rain down upon the lands she and her sisters hold, all through the demented machinations of Edward Longshanks, the king determined to bring the Scots to heel.
Riding in as a black cloud and more darkly sensual presence, Julian Challon, known throughout the lands as the Dragon of Challon, he is there to lay claim to the lands granted him by way of the king he has served so faithfully. Restless and aching for calm and peace deep within his soul, he is ill prepared for what he finds by way of the Clan Shane and the woman he will marry.
Captured as a spoil of the conquering, Tamlyn sees with her mind's eye that she is an integral part of the future for her family and all those around her. The ancients speak to her in soft whispers and through the magic strong in the land. For Julian, a Norman and a Christian, accepting both the woman and her gifts become imperative as they face their future foretold and set to play out with possibly deadly consequences.
With a deft touch that seems blessed by the ancient bards themselves, the author pens a brilliant, breathtaking novel that sweeps you off into the untamed and magical world of the Scots, and more over a man and a woman who refused to bow to suppression. Love and lust, warring and peace dance paired seductively like those who perform the ancient rituals in the story. I found myself swept away into this ethereal world from the start and reluctant to leave when this beautiful tale drew to an end.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



 A Wonderful Debut!

  A Restless Knight (Zebra Debut)  I have been fortunate enough to be given a sne
ak and this is a 5 STAR read!  Ms. MacGillivray has created one of the hottest hero's I've read in a while.  I dare the reader not to fall in love with our Julian.  If you've not added this book to your must read list you are missing out on a superb historical! 


***** 5 STARS


Ms. MacGillivray has truly been blessed with the rare gift of being able to tell a story.  Her debut effort "A Restless Knight" aptly demonstrates what happens when a writer loves to tell a story readers will care about.  This sensually written romance is an eloquent and obvious example of why we read romance!


Julian Challon is was once known as the kings champion but Challon has lost the taste of fighting and the immense price one must pay for the sick and twisted thinking of a monarch.  The last battle he participated in Berwick cost him a brother.  He wants a new life one with a warm hearth, children, and maybe even a wife he can care about.  But he is unwittingly given a chance of realizing his dream and thereby redeeming his soul.  He must secure Glenrogha and marry its mistress, Lady Tamlyn.  He will have to walk a fine line in order to get what he wants & but this warrior will not give up.  After all what he wants is worth fighting for.


Lady Tamlyn is a proud Scottish lass.  She answers to no man & until the black dragon from her dreams arrives in her little corner of the world.  She can't explain it, but Challon speaks to her and although she wants to defy this Englishman at every turn, her body and heart thwart her.  But her life is not hers any longer and her dreams and choices have been stolen from her by royal decree & or have they?  Perhaps fate has given her a gift beyond price & the heart of a true warrior.


This story is a richly crafted tapestry of history and romance.  Ms. MacGillivray knows how to ensnare and captivate her reader with finally drawn characters and storyline.  You will be moved to laughter and tears.  A writer who can tap your emotions with words is a gift that should not be overlooked.


     ~ Kristi Ahlers, The Best Reviews,  Romantic Times, The Mystic Castle

  Rating: Overall: 10 Sensuality: 9 History: 10

Review for Restless Knight, A
Author: Deborah Anne MacGillivray
Date of Review: 03/08/06
Reviewed by: Marilyn Rondeau, The Best Reviews, the Mystic Castle

Reviewer Comments: In Scotland, 1296, Lady Tamlyn, Countess of Glenrogha, was caught unawares when the mists that had shielded the sacred passes of Glen Shane for centuries failed to hide the valley allowing a horde of Norman warriors riding under the pennant of the Dragon of Challon to enter. About to be ravaged she caught herself muttering the words of an ancient spell of empowerment, stopped in horror when she realized that the words would summon the breath of the dragon. Consequently, it would be the Black Dragon of Challon who came to her aid, only to later imprison her - mind, body and soul.

Long obsessed with the three MacShane sisters who held titles to their own land King Edward wanted to see them wed and bred to Englishmen - referring to this plan as the "Seeding of Scotland campaign" . Julian Challon, once the king's champion, was sent to accomplish this mission; secure the fortress of Glenrogha; and wed the Lady Tamlyn. After the atrocities witnessed at Berwick, and the madness that now consumed his king, Challon welcomed the mission, looked forward to settling down and raise fine sons.

Tamlyn was both fearful and mesmerized by the beauty of Challon. Descended from ancient Picts, her warrior heart knew she should despise the Norman, but her body betrayed her by the sheer magnetism of the most beautiful man she'd ever seen - a man she  "knew " - if only from her dreams. Challon himself was stricken by the unusual cat-eyes of the young woman who though dressed simply had the heart of a warrior and the regal bearing of a princess. Never before had a woman so challenged and aroused him as much as she did. Challon may have been the warrior but it would be Tamlyn who would conquer and tame the mighty dragon with her love.

*** This impressive debut will enthrall the reader from the very first pages thrusting the reader immediately into the characters lives with vivid descriptions, rich historical detail, and a touch of mysticism that resonates from the ancients. Delivering this story with the skill of an accomplished wordsmith MacGillivray's inspired prose will move you from laughter to tears and a deeply abiding contentment long after the last page is turned leaving the essence of these two unforgettable characters to remain forever in your hearts. Written with a finely tuned passionate and sensual voice this love story will simply take your breath away. This is one for the "keeper shelf " and one I most highly recommend!

5 out of 5 stars Brilliant Effort from Debut Author!, March 13, 2006

  Anne Whitfield from Australia, Author of Long Distance Love 

The year 1296 sees Julian Challon eager for peace after fighting the bloody wars for England's king. The black dragon knight wants nothing more than a home, a wife, children. He arrives in Scotland weary of battle, weary of Longshanks demands. Yet, he's determined to claim the lands held by the McShane sisters - lands awarded to him for service to the crown. He wants to raise strong sons and forget the haunting memories of past sufferings. He doesn't expect to meet a fiery Scottish lass who threatens his sanity. He doesn't expect to find love.

For the spirited Tamlyn, Countess of Glenrogha, the black knight's coming was foretold, her second-sight sees this, but she's caught off guard by the knight's commanding presence and her world spins off its axis. She doesn't want to surrender her home or herself to him, but their mutual desire is beyond controlling.

Their love grows and matures amidst upheaval. However, in each other they find a peace and contentment that only the other can give.

This debut medieval novel by author DeborahAnne MacGillivray is a delight to read. I was capitvated from the first page. The author's talent weaves a believable story with engaging characters and an intriguing plot that keeps the reader wanting more. MacGillivray has a wonderful grasp of medieval Scotland, easily transporting the reader into the era. I enjoyed the author's subtle switch between humour and drama. The main characters were well supported by stand-out secondary characters, (including an appearance from William Wallace), who all deserve books of their own!

I highly recommend this book to all those who enjoy great writing and wonderful storytelling.


5 out of 5 stars A Breathtaking Debut!, March 15, 2006
Reviewer: Leanne Burroughs, Award Winning author of Highland Wishes and Her Highland Rogue

In the year 1296, Scotland fights for its independence from England. Loath to let these willful Scots have their country and their crown back, King Edward sends his army to put the Scots "in their place". What ensues is the bloody battle of Berwick. After a heinous massacre, the English won that ruthless battle, yet the Scots were not the only people who lost something.

Julian Challon, the Black Dragon, is Edward's man. He's fought with Edward for years, never questioning the king's decisions or his decrees. After he loses his younger brother at Berwick, Challon's soul is weary. He wants something else besides fighting. Wants to settle down to a peaceful life. Wants to forget his brother 's horrible death.

Suddenly out of favor with Edward, Challon finds himself sent to Scotland to conquer the McShane sisters--long a thorn in Edward's side--and claim their lands. Along with his half brothers, Challon is more than willing to settle in this "god-forsaken country".   He doesn't plan on it calling to him. To be a balm to his soul. To come home.

Nor does he count on the feisty Tamlyn McShane, Countess of Glenrogha. He thinks to wed her and keep her under his thumb along with all her people. The black knight has never been more wrong in his life.

In Tamlyn, a feisty, stubborn Scot, a true throw back to her Pict heritage, Challon has met his match. He wants peace--she wants him gone. He wants a family--she wants him gone. He wants a quiet home and people to leave him alone--she wants him gone!

But neither count on Fate stepping in. With love growing between them--despite how much they fight it--they are tossed together to save Glenrogha's people from Edward's hatred. Can they set their differences aside to bring her Scots and his warriors together to live in harmony? Can these two willful people each surrender a bit of themselves to find the peace and contentment they so desire?

***In her debut novel, Deborah McGillivray has woven a magical spell with words, transporting you to a time in Medieval Scotland. You are caught up in the story from the first page and will feel like you're living right with these characters. They come alive! You'll be caught up in the history, woven magically throughout the story , be a part of magical spells and pagan practices, and won't be able to put the book down until you have finished--and then will wish it hadn't ended. You 'll be left wanting more. Much more. You'll laugh and you'll cry as these two willful people find the only true answer to their individual quests is with each other. I highly recommend this book to every lover of historical romances--and can't wait for the sequel.

5 out of 5 stars A Keeper!, March 23, 2006
Reviewer: Geraldine Bowen from Baltimore MD USA

Having enjoyed Deborah MacGillivray's three short stories in The No Law Against Love anthology, I expected to enjoy her debut novel, A Restless Knight. I loved this book!
Tamlyn is the Scots heroine. Julian, the Black Dragon, is the English hero. Edward I is the king who sends Challon North to claim Tamlyn and her lands.

Forget pre-conceived notions of what may come.

From the beginning page you are drawn into this story, the author weaving a tale of love and Scot's magic. The characters of Tamlyn and Julian are fleshed out into people you care about. They behave and think realistically and believably, their story plausible. They face trials and doubts, but love and truth triumph. It is truly a love story, a novel you don't want to end.

This book is a keeper, one I'll read over and over. I will be pre-ordering Debrorah MacGillivray's coming books. My only complaint is we have to wait until October 2006 for her next in this series.

5 out of 5 stars Forever Singed by The Dragon of Challon....
March 29, 2006

As I read A Restless Knight by Deborah MacGillivray, I felt the mysterious sway and ebb of the ancient dances at Beltane
reverberating through each page. Mysterious, sensual and powerful, this story unfolds through a mist of ancient prophecy and the steel will of those who would look toward the future with great expectation and courage. Lady Tamlyn weaves in and out of Julian's warrior heart, but I felt the author's invisible tug at my spirit , inspiring intimate feelings of being well ravished and truly loved.   Scotland, like A Restless Knight, is breathtakingly beautiful in a raw manner that strips passion to its purest form.

MacGillivray tells a poignant story of love and the ugliness of war, but it is the way the words jump off the page and wrap around one's heart and spirit that make it such a potent and memorable read. Each character is given life abundant under MacGillivray's pen, but she has allowed them to take on a life of their own, spinning a tale that wraps back and around on itself in infinite ways. A Restless Knight will forever remain upon my shelf, its pages tinged with tears of great sadness and joy--the Dragon of Challon has singed this reader forever.

~~~by Aysel Arwen, author of Romancing the Stars

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