A Restless Knight


A Laurie Winner - Best Historical 2006
RIO Award of Excellence Winner - Best Debut 2006
More than Magic Winner - Best Debut 2006
Reviewers' Choice Award Winner 2006
Reader's Choice Award Winner - Best First Book
CAPA Award Finalist for Best Historical
NOR Top Pick 2007
LASR Award Nominee


Deborah MacGillivray

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    Come, come to the age of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Edward Plantagenet and a love that defies all―kings, countries and time. 

        In Scotland's darkest hour, Lady Tamlyn MacShane, mistress of Dun Glenrogha, faces conquest at the hands of the Black Dragon--Lord Julian Challon, Earl of Challon and Torqmond.  From the instant Tamlyn sights the ravens taking to the sky, she knows  a great power has entered her glen and nothing will ever be the same.  Soon she  is to learn how this coming will affect her life.  A woman raised in ancient Pict traditions, Tamlyn is forced to confront  the unacceptable--marriage to the enemy, decreed by an English monarch. 

       In 1296 when Edward the Longshanks defeats John de Balliol, puppet-king of Scotland, he garrisons soldiery at every castle, keep and fortress throughout the subjugated  north country.  Affronted by these Celtic heiresses and their unnatural presumptions of position in life, Edward quickly sets betrothals for the willful women, including Tamlyn, her twin sisters Rowanne and Raven and their cousin  Aithinne, binding them to his staunchest warlords.

       As proud and defiant as her Pict blood, Tamlyn so wants to resist her enemy, the enemy of her people, with every weapon at her disposal.  Only she is nearly torn in two by what she perceives as her duty and the burning passions evoked by the ruthless English earl.  From the very first when she gazes into the warlock green  eyes, Tamlyn is lost to a power beyond reason or control.  Visions have foretold  this coming of the warrior all in black and how his fate is woven with hers.

       To the war-weary Black Dragon, the charter to Glen Shane is an opportunity to be seized hungrily.  Julian views this as his last hope for peace & for sanity.  Too long with Edward and his endless bloody wars, Julian is so very afraid he's coming apart inside.  Nearly crippled by the dark memory of the English's Sack of Berwick―where thousands were mercilessly put to Edward's sword―and tormented by the death of his youngest brother, Julian needs peace.  He hopes this moody, forgotten glen in a pocket of the Scottish Highlands will grant him the tranquility for which his soul thirsts.

       Only, his yearning for hearthside, sons and a quiet existence has not  taken into account the woman he is forced to accept as lady wife.  A woman of Pict warrior-blood, so steeped in traditions of Alba of Auld, she 's too  rebellious by half and quite possibly a witch.

July 2006
Zebra Books, Kensington

Deborah MacGillivray


Sequel to A Restless Knight --

Ravenhawke, A Knight to Remember
coming from Zebra Books,
Kensington August 2007

Damian St. Giles and Aithinne Ogilvie's story

Praise for A Restless Knight...

Deborah writes as if she's been in Medieval Scotland and can somehow, magically, take you back there with her to stand amidst the heather and mist of another time. This is breathtakingly beautiful, award caliber writing.

                 ~  Lynsay Sands, NY Times bestseller author of 
                The Deed, What She Wants, Single White Vampire


 Deborah MacGillivray presents us with a spellbinding journey into the past that holds the reader enthralled to the very last word. In the best tradition of Historical writing. Here! Here!

                     ~ Diane D. White, award winning author of 
                         No Law Against Love, Blue Moon Magic

 A brilliantly sensual hauntingly beautiful debut!   A RESTLESS KNIGHT IS historical romance.  If any among us need a poster child for the genre--A RESTLESS KNIGHT is IT!

Dawn Thompson, award winning author of
                                    The Ravencliff Bride and The Waterlord 

A Restless Knight


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