Pearl Award Winner - Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

"OOoooo, bloody Mackinnon!"   She seethed, seeming to be reaching for something more scathing to say, but drawing a blank.  "I'm calling the constable."

        "Go ahead, ring up Hamish Abercrombie.  Do it.  While you're at it, lass, tell him you were limiting the access.  You'll end up fined."

        "OOOooo, beast," she growled.

He shot back, "Vixen."


He laughed.  "Witch."

        She blinked.  "Did you just call me a bitch?"

No, I called you a witch."

Why would you call me a witch?"

Because you must be one."

Why would you think that?"

"Because all I can think of doing is this."  Tossing what good sense he had to the wind, he reached out, grabbed hold of her shoulders and yanked her to him, taking her mouth with his in a bruising, no-holds-barred, mother-loving, knock-your-socks-off kiss.

           He must've lost his mind!  Or maybe felt in his blood what his grandfatherhad felt for Gillian's grandmother for all those many years.  

         To his surprise, instead of pushing him away or slapping him, Gillian kissed him back!  She leaned into him as though she couldn't get close enough
--inside his skin would be close enough. 

            She tasted of lemon drops and rain. 

            Rain?  It finally registered the sky had opened up while they stood kissing, as if neither one of them wanted to stop.

            His sane side told him he was nuts to kiss her in the first place.  Even more of a fruitcake for standing in the rain when they could take a few steps and move into the coziness of her thatched cottage.  Only, instinct told him the instant he broke the kiss, her presence of mind would return and she'd probably take a swing at him.  It would be worth it.

            She finally pulled back, looking at him with tear-filled eyes. "Wha-what did you do that for?"

It seemed the thing to do at the moment."   He shrugged, not sure what had possessed him.  Other than he'd dreamt of kissing her for the last month--of doing a lot more than kissing her.

            Gillian put the back of her hand to her well kissed lips, her brown eyes accusing.  "You think because my grandmother was easy for your grandfather, I'll be easy, too?  That history can repeat itself?"   Shaking, she moved to the door and opened it.  Stepping through, she glared at him as if he were something akin to a snake.  "Then think again!"

            She slammed the door so hard he could see the picture window ripple with vibrations.  Peeking from behind the curtain to see if he was still there, she flung it down and moved away from the window.

            "There's likely one thing my grandfather and I agree on--a Grant woman is never easy.   Sighing, he shook his head and returned to the Rover.



2005 DeborahAnne MacGillivray

short story from

No Law Against Love




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