Pearl Award Finalist - Bad Cat

  "Oh, Auggie Moggie vets my dates.  Weeds out the short hitters."  Her laughter was musical, something like you 'd expect to hear from a Faery.

Ian chuckled.  "Bet he does.  Also weeds out the dog population and maybe small farm animals, too.  Remember, if he bites me it's a hundred dollar fine.

Kat snaked her arms around his neck and nipped his lower lip.  "And what if this Kat bites you?"

"Name your price, woman, I'll pay."   His hands grabbed her waist and pulled her hard against him, relishing the perfection of how their bodies fit.  Just as he lowered his head to kiss her, the alarm on his Rolex went off.  With a groan, he bonked his head against hers.  "We'll have to discuss price later.  Sorry, lass, I have a conference call with my publisher and agent in five minutes.  Gotta dash.

He made it to the door and then jogged back, grabbed her and kissed Kat hard and quick. "To whet your appetite.  I'd like my steak medium-rare and my woman to taste as intoxicating as Highland Single Malt Whisky."


2005 Deborah MacGillivray

short story from

No Law Against Love

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