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 The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
by Deborah Macgillivray

Perfection!, Sep 18 2006
Reviewer: Detra Fitch (USA)
Our story is set on Falgannon Isle, Hebrides of Scotland. Long ago a curse had been placed upon the isle by a warrior queen, for vengeance. The curse decreed the males of the isle would not find true and lasting love unless the "Lady of the Isle" mated with an Outlander who has black hair, green eyes, and be of Irish descent. Ever since, only male babies were born and Falgannon has always had a shortage of women for the men to marry.

BarbaraAnne "B.A." Montgomerie-Deshaunt cares deeply for the isle and the people who dwell upon it. As the current "Lady of the Isle" she feels it her responsibility to help bring brides to the isle. In true, modern day, computer age fashion, BarbaraAnne creates an "Isle of Love" website. It has a bachelor's registry where women may read about the isle's men and fill out the registry if they are interested in meeting a few. If chosen, B.A. will pay all expenses to the isle. The chosen women get a free two week vacation, a chance to tour the isle, and to meet the locals. (Yes, Readers, mail order brides are apparently back in style!)

Desmond Mershan and his two brothers have their own dark agenda. Desmond's part of the plan involves Falgannon Isle and BarbaraAnne. He has unexpected aid from ALL the men on the isle because he just happens to be exactly what is needed to break the curse. Even "The Cat Dudley" adores Desmond. But as Desmond and BarbaraAnne become close, he cannot help but feel guilt for what he and his kin will soon do, not only to B.A. and her sisters, but to everyone on Falgannon Isle!

***** In a word, "Perfection!" This book is the first of seven books about the Montgomerie sisters. The first three titles will deal with Desmond and his brothers. The titles also happen simultaneously. This is a strategy I do not see used often.  Surprisingly, this author succeeds with astonishing ease. BRAVA!

The eccentric cast of local characters kept me entertained while The Cat Dudley kept me amused. Though it all, I felt a connection with them all and hated to see this story end. As I said, "Perfection!" I can hardly wait for the next Montgomerie sister's tale. *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews


The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
by Deborah Macgillivray

Reviewed by: Chrissy Dionne

Rating: 5 Blue Ribbons         

Falgannon Isle is in the grips of an ancient curse placed on it by Sgathach Bnanand, Skye’s Warrior Queen who in a jealous rage after her lover left her with another into the shrouding mist of Falgannon. It states that only if the Lady of the Isle mates with an Outlander who has black hair, green eyes and is of Irish descent will any of the island's male population find true and lasting love. This curse would last for three generations.

B.A. Montgomerie is on a mission to entice women to visit Falgannon Isle and hopefully fall in love with one of the two hundred thirteen single Scotsmen who currently live there. As the ‘Lady of the Isle’ the men folk consider her off limits. B.A. had once been married, but her husband hadn’t met all the conditions to break the curse - his eyes hadn’t been green. Two years after their marriage, his plane went down in the North Atlantic leaving B.A. a widow. At the age of thirty-seven, B.A. would like to find love again, but first she plans to make sure that the men have every chance possible to find a mate. To aid in that purpose B.A. has set up a website which she hopes women will find intriguing enough to give the island and her braw lads a chance.

Desmond Mershan invades Falgannon with an agenda of his own. He’s been plotting for years to enact vengeance for injustices that had been done to his family in the past. While B.A. immediately senses that Desmond is deceiving her somehow, the other residents of the isle view him as the answer to the curse. He’s got all the traits needed to fulfill the terms of the curse and ensure all of their happiness, if only B.A. would admit that she has feelings for him. There’s no doubt that he’s arrived on the isle to pillage and loot, but she has a bad feeling it’s not her that he’s after.

With an island full of men desiring female companionship, B.A.’s website is the perfect way to attract women to the isle. It’s set up as a dating service complete with profiles and an application. The men are able to select the women who interest them from the ones who apply. Of course, now that Desmond has invaded their island, the men are even more hopeful that this plan to bring women to the isle will work. After all, if their lady is finally mated to the man who will finally break the curse than their chances of finding love will be drastically increased. Will they be able to convince Desmond and B.A. to overlook their distrust of each other?

Deborah MacGillivray’s THE INVASION OF FALGANNON ISLE is a delightful mixture of contemporary setting with historical Scottish brogues and mannerisms. There’s even a little bit of kilt action here and there. I love the idea of this tiny isle somewhere that has the basics of modern conveniences but for the most part untouched by greed and mistrust that is so prevalent in today’s society. Everyone on the isle has a descriptive tag added to their name in a bid to keep their identities straight. This is a book that I just know readers are going to love. Every single character has endearing characteristics that will endear them to you. You’ll find yourself engrossed in the story and laughing at the antics of the Islanders, especially those of ‘The Cat Dudley’ who has a personality all his own. Desmond and B.A. make a perfect couple, even though they do have obstacles to overcome. There’s no doubt that if there is a curse their union will be it’s undoing.

This is the first book in Ms MacGillivray’s SEVEN SISTERS OF COLFORD HALL series. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next book in this series: RIDING THE THUNDER which will contains B.A.’s sister Asha and Desmond’s brother Jago’s story. It’s not due to be released until October 2007.


Title - The Invasion of Falgannon Isle 5 out of 5 stars

Author: Deborah MacGillivray


Review of The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
By Aysel Arwen, Author of A Clan Chief, A Dragon And Evelyn

 Deborah Macgillivray has done it again! Showing us even more of her breadth and depth as an amazing romance author, Macgillivray has penned a story that has serious sitcom-series potential. The Invasion of Falgannon Isle had this reader alternating between curling her toes, clapping her hands and rolling on the floor in laughter. This is, without a doubt, the best romance I have ever read. 

BarbaraAnne Montgomerie, a woman I would choose for my friend, earns respect and applause as a widow, warrior and woman who does not take what life hands her lying down & that is until Desmond Mershan and his Vikings invade her small, Scottish isle. Hellbent on conquering more than just B.A. Montgomerie, Des must fight his own demons before he can ever hope to rid himself of a lifetime of torture and vengeance and discover love in the one place he is seeking to destroy. Macgillivray does not take you on a whirlwind romance tour; she draws you into the lives and loves of people you care about and provides a thoroughly satisfying read through her ability to slip readers into the skins of her characters. What they experience, we experience & good, bad & and really naughty! 

The Curse, The Cat Dudley and the rest of the island's colorful characters unfold as Macgillivray weaves a tale that does not end with the last page of the book. Through a zany scheme, lots of hard work and the fate of a black-haired, green-eyed Irishman, the men of Falgannon Isle do what they must to see B.A. Montgomerie wedded and bedded (and not necessarily in that order) & so they, too, can finally find lasting love. 

When you read a story that keeps you wondering, What are they doing on Falgannon Isle?  when you are forced to put it down, you know you have a real keeper on your hands. A host of complex characters who demand your attention and interest, a story line that roles over into the lives of everyone it touches, and a strong hero and heroine who duel with everything from tongues to all-terrain vehicles, The Invasion of Falgannon Isle will leave you begging for more of Deborah Macgillivray, who is changing the face of romance one incredible story at a time.

 Title - The Invasion of Falgannon Isle 5 out of 5 stars

Author: Deborah MacGillivray


BarbaraAnne (B.A.) Montgomerie is "Lady of the Isle" with a very special problem.   Her family has been cursed and this curse is proving to be very strong indeed.  The lady of the Isle must marry for love a dark haired Irishman with green eyes.   Until that time there would be no females born on the island of Falgannon.  Well, B.A. takes her position of Lady seriously and she has plans for her quirky islanders.   But before she knows it a dark outlander has come to Falgannon and her life is not going to be the same.  Desmond is tall, dark, and handsome and meets all of the curses requirements.   He also speaks to her on a female level and his kisses are divine. But will he break her heart?


Desmond Mershan has a dark secret.  He wants to ruin Sean Montgomerie and when he realizes that he will have to deal with Sean's granddaughter BarbaraAnne.   He has had dreams of B.A. and has carried her picture in his wallet and when he kisses her he seems to loose all reason.  When the fun loving islanders seem bent on making sure their lady is matched with Desmond, and when Desmond finds himself wanting B.A. more and more will he be able to put his vengeance away or will he carry through with his plans. Plans that are not going to make B.A. happy.


Ms. Macgillivray once again proves that she is a storyteller at heart.   She has created wonderful and quirky characters that will draw the reader in from page one. Desmond and BarbaraAnne are a unique couple and their romance is at turns sexy and sweet. This is a side of Scotland readers are rarely treated to and as a result this is a sweet, funny paranormal romance that is a breath of fresh air and a treat for romance readers.

Kristi Ahlers, The Best Reviews, Romantic Times, The Mystic Castle, CKs2 Kwips and Kritiques

 The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
 by Deborah MacGillivray
Fabulously Enchanting and Soooo Sensual, Aug 23 2006
Reviewer: M. Rondeau (West Springfield, MA United States) - See all my reviews
Newer author Deborah MacGillivray doesn't let the grass grow under feet as she comes out swinging with what is sure to be another surefire hit since her overwhelmingly successful debut of A RESTLESS KNIGHT. Switching genres she proves herself by donning a new hat and writes a contemporary gem that is sure to gain a whole new set of fans for this budding master wordsmith.

B.A. Montgomerie is the Lady of the tiny Isle of Falgannon, a title passed to her at seventeen upon the death of her grandmother Maeve. With that title also came responsibilities and The Curse. In essence, that should the Lady not marry an outlander with black hair, green eyes, and be of Irish descent, the males on the isle would never find marital bliss, nor would there be any females born on the isle always leaving a shortage of marriageable women. Not one to allow The Curse to dictate her life, B.A. had come up with a scheme to advertise, via the internet Falgannon as the `Isle of Love' and posting pictures of the braw (not mentioning quirky) laddies available.

The laddies on the isle had different ideas and knew the key to finding a wife was to get B.A. married off to a proper man before they'd find their happiness. Unexpectedly, Desmond Mershan came to invade her island, conquer her and destroy her world. The laddies knew Des was perfect for their Lady and would, in their own idiosyncratic ways, set out to make it happen!

*** Once again MacGillivray has come up with a perfect recipe in this engaging tale blending in a terrific locale, quirky characters, humor, and sizzling sensuality into this very entertaining read. Her lead players are perfectly matched and their witty repartee foreplay was totally enhanced by the comments and actions of her lads and one very endearing poker playing fat cat. Skillfully using a plethora of enormously funny secondary characters MacGillivray keeps the tone light while keeping the dark secrets that haunt Desmond from completely surrendering to his love for B.J. All will delight in this well-written keeper and be holding their breath waiting for sequels to feature the rest of the Montgomerie sisters as they find the men of their dreams.

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization
The Best Reviews, Romantic Times, The Mystic Castle
CKs2 Kwips and Kritiques




 The Invasion of Falgannon Isle 5 out of 5 stars
by DeborahAnne MacGillivray


A Most Delightful Book!
Reviewer: Leanne Burroughs "Leanne Burroughs, Author of HIGHLAND WISHES and HER HIGHLAND ROGUE" (USA)
The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, the second book by Deborah MacGillivray, is a true delight. Set in an isle in the Hebrides, B.A. Montgomerie sets out to free her isle from an ancient curse. If she doesn't succeed, her whacky islanders will never find wives, and only boy babies will be born to people already wed.

Enter Desmond Mershan, a green-eyed, black-haired man. Haunted by his past, is he the answer to everyone's prayers, or has he come to tear their lives apart?

Ms. MacGillivray once again delivers a brilliant novel. After A Restless Knight, people may have wondered whether MacGillivray could maintain the level of brilliant writing. Well, I for one am here to tell you she has! Although a contemporary, rather than the historical she captured our hearts with, MacGillivray has weaved a tale of enchantment. Join her on a whirlwind tour of Falgannon Isle as the mists separate to let you tour the island. Join her whacky islanders as they plot to bring B.A. and Desmond together. And join Dudley The Cat as he stakes claim to his two humans. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!

 The Invasion of Falgannon Isle 5 out of 5 stars
by DeborahAnne MacGillivray

An outstanding tale of a forgiving love and wonderful characters set against the healing peace of the Hebrides.


Welcome to Falgannon Isle, a bucolic "Fantasy Island," where the men are bonnie Scots whose goal in life is to marry. Described by one character as a cross between "Braveheart" and "Monty Python's Flying Circus," novelist Deborah MacGillivray's depiction of this isolated island in her book Invasion of Falgannon Isle, has its "laugh out loud" moments. But in between the chuckles lies a deep love between two emotionally tattered individuals and island life descriptions strong enough to make this very urban-oriented writer want to give up her current situation and book a one-way ticket to the Hebrides.


The heroine and patroness who makes her home on the isle is the strong-willed and eminently likeable BarbaraAnne Montgomerie, known as B.A. to her friends -- mostly the men whom she wants to marry off. But there's nothing sordid about B.A.'s relationship with the isle's testosterone-laden population. B.A. treats her guys with the offhand affection and amused contempt typically given by an older sister to her younger, wilder brothers. They return the favor, teasing her mercilessly on the one hand while watching her back and giving her their undying loyalty on the other.


Into this scenario come the "invaders;" woman whom B.A. has invited, via the Internet, to visit, in hopes that some of the lasses will be willing to marry the men and breed future generations of Falgannonians. Problem is, no one is sure that the marriages will survive, because of a centuries-old Curse. The cause-and-effect of the Curse is pretty clear -- the only way islander marriages will last is if the Lady of the Isle -- in this case, B.A. -- marries a dark-haired, green-eyed outlander.


Enter the outlander in question, tortured gent Desmond Mershan. While Mershan's sidekicks succumb to Falgannon's wacky charm, Desmond fights the isle's enchantment as well as his growing attachment to B.A. His motive for visiting the island is revenge for past wrongs, not a life transition with a woman he is truly beginning to care about.


To both of them, Falgannon represents something different. To B.A., the island is a sacred family trust, passed down from female leaders of the family to the present day. To Desmond, it's a means for revenge on the granddaughter of the man who tore apart his life as a youngster. Will Desmond gain his revenge? Will B.A. soften this man's dark heart? Will she stumble onto his plots? How will she react if she does? As they say on television (which is more or less non-existent on Falgannon, though everyone keeps up-to-date via DVDs), stay tuned to find out.


Though MacGillivray could have turned this into a tedious story dripping with "when worlds collide" or "revenge makes the heart grow stronger" themes, she adroitly avoids these clichйs, pouring her efforts into vibrant and touching characterizations. Yes, B.A. and Desmond are opposites, and yes, some of those differences lead to steamy bedroom moments (okay, and steamy moments in the shower and the greenhouse, too).


But what makes Falgannon work is the sheer likeability of all the characters and their relationship to the many plots in the book. A reader might despise Desmond's machinations, but she can sympathize with his motives. By the same token, a reader might want to throw up her hands at B.A.'s naivetй, but again, it's crystal clear where it's coming from, and that it's a strong part of her personality.


Invasion of Falgannon Isle is not a quick read, nor should it be. Rather, this delightful novel should be savored over long stretches of time, allowing the characters to tell their own stories in their own enchanting and marvelous ways.


Amy Wolff Sorter, author, Servant of the Gods


The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
by DeborahAnne MacGillivray

 Reviewed by Kenda Montgomery, The Mystic Castle

October 2006

Picking up this book is akin to sliding into a modern day twist on Alice in Wonderland.  Though no rabbit holes lurk about for us to fall into, readers will indeed be sucked into this delightful world created by Author MacGillivray in the Hebrides of Scotland. An isle so removed from the hardships of the modern world, Falgannon will reach into your heart and entice you to join its madcap ranks.

B.A. Montgomerie is the lady of Falgannon and the keeper of its peoples' happiness and prosperity. Through an ancient curse going back to Pictish times, no man of Falgannon will have a lasting marriage till their lady succumbs to and weds a man with green eyes and Ireland in his soul. Despite this, B.A. advertises Falgannon as the Isle of Love in hopes of finding her 213 lads brides. When Desmond Mershan descends upon the isle with his Viking invaders, the men of Falgannon are in cahoots to see their lady bedded and wedded to the enigmatic man. Desmond is not adverse to the idea, as they will suit his ulterior motives well. What he didn't count on was a mass of genuinely caring individuals, an isle that draws him into a surreal sense of homecoming and a bewitching lady that threatens to shake his heart's hardened veneer.

By end of chapter one, I am breathless with laughter and thoroughly spellbound by Falgannon and its eclectic mix of souls. Removed as they are from the unsavory elements of the world, the characters, from B.A. and Desmond to The Cat Dudley, imbue this read with a delightful plethora of fresh witticisms and insights of life. B.A. is a strong heroine, one willing to go to enormous emotional lengths for Desmond's tortured soul. Desmond in turn is a breathtaking hero, bent on destruction, but saved by love's embrace. Author MacGillivray continues to astound with her second romantic novel, first in her Seven Sisters of Colford Hall series and proves that she has what it takes to move between the genres. I am eagerly awaiting Raven 's and Asha's stories, which coincide with B.A.'s.

Bravo, Ms. MacGillivray and keep 'em coming!

The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
by DeborahAnne MacGillivray

****  HOT

This is an entertaining, humorous and heartwarming tale of love, friendship and a bit of magic. The hero’s struggle to make peace with his past and the heroine’s determination to help him are nicely depicted. The secondary characters are great fun, especially The Cat Dudley, and the peek into the lives of the main character’s siblings whets the appetite for their stories.

Summary: On Falgannon Isle, owned by B.A. Montgomerie, live 213 eligible bachelors and no eligible bachelorettes. Though B.A. is only 37 and a widow, she is un-wooed by these men because of the Curse, which says no male of the Isle will find true love until the Lady of the Isle mates with a green-eyed, black-haired Outlander.  Desmond Mershan arrives, claiming to have a commitment from B.A.’s late grandfather to own part of the Isle. Residents, including The Cat Dudley, have plans for Des and B.A. But Des also has plans — of revenge against the Montgomeries.

Romantic Times, December 2006


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