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Seanchaidh is Gaelic for storyteller.
These ancient bards spun their magickal words, spellbound their audiences with tales of brave warriors, fair maids and magickal beings, of love, loyalty and honour. I come from a long line of storytellers. History, Scotland, lore and fable was so much a part of my life growing up. While others heard nursery rhymes, my grandfather spun me tales of The Bruce, William Wallace and James 'the Good' Douglas. My family came from Auld Clan blood of Scotland, The Macgillivrays, The Ogilvies, The Grants, The Mackenzies, and the later Norman invaders, The Montgomeries.
There were so many tales coming from within our family about the Cait Sidhe (Faery Cats - literally, they were a race of witchwomen of the Picts with the power to transmute into a catamount nine times), The Selkie, Warrior Kings, Lir Eg, Angus Dubh, Meg the Healer, Ghosts, Faeries and the Fae. Is it any wonder all these took root and wove into tales in my mind?

So welcome to my home on the net. Come find out about all my loves and maybe learn a wee bit about me in the journey...
Slаinte Mhor!
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